Tiaan Eckard

Taylor st., Tarkastad, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 14 18:40

‘I was born in Queenstown but I went to school here in Tarkastad. I finished matric this year and next year I’ll be working in civil engineering. I’ve had this bicycle now for more than 5 years - I bought it at C&D stores here in Tarkastad. As soon as I have a bit of money again I’ll have it fixed up a bit again, but everything comes with time. But so far everything is okay still around here. You can see the seat here is in a bit of a state and I need to buy a new gear for it here. And a front brake. Other than that nothing is wrong. Oh, I had to remove the back brake because the rim is a bit bucked so it rubs - because of a broken spoke. I need to replace the spoke and pull the wheel straight again. I broke the spoke because my friend and I go camping every December and we ride a long way with little trailers behind the bicycles. On one uphill the wheel could’t handle the pressure and I think that’s why it went... sometimes we ride rough roads, into the veld and so on. These uphills out of town here finishes you! We’re not the fittest. There’s this little farm about 30 kilometers out of town and there is a nice spot to camp. We just pack all our stuff on the back... It’s nicer to go by bike that it is to go by car - you get that feeling that you’re doing things under your own power. This bike means a lot to me - my dad still bought it for me as a gift. And from that day I always fix it and keep it in good condition. As for cycling, that also means a lot to me - it keeps me up to standard. I wouldn’t say super-fit, but at least I don’t go to waste!’

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