Tom Willemse (of the Baviaans Cycling Club /

Knysna st., Willowmore, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 08 07:23

‘I am Tom Willemse. I am the Road Captain of Baviaans Cycling Club. We started with the bicycles in 2008. Then I only had 3 guys. With those 3 guys we went on until we were 7. And then we were 9, and then 12. The numbers go up and down but I feel satisfied with the team that I have. I was also a man who was confused, with the things of the world, but when I started giving my heart to God I decided I’m going to make friends that can push me forward, and from then I’ve been 5 years without alcohol, 3 years without smoking, and the bike that I’m riding is like a wife to me, that I ride with, that I go with. When I ride with these guys I say, “Guys, this is my wife.” Today I ride with my wife, and today my heart feels happy, happy to ride with her. I don’t ride other bikes, only Rooietjie.’

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Stan Engelbrecht