Veliswa Maqashu ( attending a Bicycle Empowerment Network program / )

Faure Marine Dr., Strand, Somerset West, South Africa

2010 / 06 / 23 16:07

‘I’m learning again how to ride a bike. The first time I tried it I was 12 years old. But I’m enjoying it. I’m 17 now. I’m a bit nervous because I don’t know how to do to anymore. I did it now but I was nervous! I’m a little bit scared to fall. I have my own bike at home but it’s a bit broken - the other children were riding on it so the wheel is broken. For me it’s important to learn how to ride a bike because it is fun to ride bicycles, especially when you know everything about it and how to keep you safe on the road. My sister told me about this Women’s Table program, part of this Young Women’s Leadership Training week, that we are attending here - we are 5 who came here to join. I’m enjoying it! We are learning to make stuff like sleeping bags and toys for children, but the best so far has been to learn the dancing - the cha-cha dance! But it’s just for the holiday. I’m from Koelenhof, next to Paarl, but we’re all going to school in Springbok.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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