Vernon Versveld

Black River Parkway, Paarden Island, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 09 / 13 16:33

'I ride my bicycle because it is the cheapest way of transport - if I didn't ride a bike it would cost me R250 a month. So I'd rather use a bicycle, because a bike like this is about R1000 - after you've been riding for four months you've paid for your bike. But you always should have money for tires, wheels - if something goes wrong and all those things. Good advice for any cyclist is to have a spare bicycle hanging in your garage for example. If you don't have a spare bicycle because you can't afford it then have a spare front wheel, put a tyre and tube on it and also have a spare back wheel with a cog one hanging there. If something goes wrong you must have it. Also have all the size ball bearings in case something breaks. I've been cycling a long time - easy about 20 years. I fix it myself, I don't do a very good job as long as the thing goes. I cycle on this road every day - it is not dangerous. I would say the bicycle is really my whole life, because wherever I go, I go on the bicycle. If I go shopping I hang it onto my handle bars. I even have a small trailer which I hook onto the bike if I want to borrow like a bag of cement or whatever. I actually do woodwork, but there is nothing at the moment. Now we work for a government company but there is no work now, there is no finances now - everything is dead and quiet.'

Nic Grobler

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