Vidette Ryan

Off Banghoek rd., Stellenbosch, South Africa

2010 / 04 / 15 16:59

‘I’m originally form Beaufort West but I’ve been here for 8 years now. I’ve studied B.A. Sport Science, and then I did my honors in Sport Science, and now I’m doing my honors in Educational Psychology. This bike is actually a bit broken but it gets you there. It’s my friends bike, mine’s got a flat tyre. But a bike gets you to where you need to go in less that 15 minutes around here. I do have a car but I don’t have a license for it yet! But I do prefer, even though I have a car, to go by bike. You don’t have to look for parking or anything else, you just find a bike stand and tie your bike to it. In Stellenbosch, because it’s such a small town, you can basically just walk everywhere, but you’ll find that almost half of all the students would have bicycles - on campus there are a lot of bikes. I definitely don’t see myself riding bicycles for the rest of my life - but when you live in a small town the easiest thing is to have a bike, especially with the petrol price and the environmental state, but no, when it rains it’s not a fun thing to have! But it’s a good thing to have. There are a lot of girls that cycle here, but you’ll find it’s the rare types, it’s like, you’ll see a girl that is seen as a poppie, she would ride a bicycle. And nobody would think that that’s uncool. It’s just strange to see a chick that you would think would rather take a car actually take a bicycle. I think it’s safe to ride a bike here. This campus is adapted for pedestrians and for cyclists. And the motorist also look out for cyclists.’

Stan Engelbrecht

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