Walton Koetaan

College st., Jansenville, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 09 18:10

‘I’ve had this bike now for about 13 or 14 years. I bought it on an auction. I paid R2000 for it in those days. It’s still very original. I love my bike very, very much. Last year my son did the Cape Argus race on it, and he was very impressed with it. This bike lives in the house, not in the garage - that’s how serious I am about it. But I haven’t been riding so much the last while because the roads in our area, especially the R75, are being destroyed by heavy ore carrying trucks. Because it’s a common thin wheel bicycle it can be very rough and it’s becoming more of a danger out on the bad roads. And the road is very narrow, the R75 is very narrow. So riding there can be a threat to your life. I’m just busy fitting a new tube now. My dream is to ride the Somerset-Pearston race - we call it the Bruintjieshoogte tour - next year... that is my dream. I’m going to ride that next year, in July. It’s 40 kilometers. The school is closing for holiday tomorrow so I’ll be spending some more time on my bike. I’ll have to try some new routes in the area.’

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