Wilhelmina Parsons

Jonkershoek rd., Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

2010 / 09 / 28 17:10

'I cycle because I like it - every day to my work. It is better than walking because the road is very long up and down here, it is really a long road, ha ha! I've had this bicycle for a year now - I didn't have one before. This bicycle was given to me by Lionell Johannes. When I started walking to work I realized I needed one, so I was looking for one all the way. It gives me lots of problems - the wheel gets punctures and sometimes the back wheel moves out. Here in my basket at the back I have some wood and my jacket. The wood is for when we braai. I'm heading home, it is still a long way, all the way to where the road stops. There I live with my boyfriend... and his parents. He also cycles - he has a racer one. That bicycle doesn't break so much.' 

Nic Grobler

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