Wilma Plaatjies & Rico Syster

R43, Jonkersrivier farm, Western Cape, South Africa

2011 / 05 / 07 15:03

Wilma : 'My name in Wilma, I'm 12 years old, I live on Jonkersriver and we really enjoy riding the bicycle. We don't have strong tires and we don't have things to pedal on.' Rico : 'My name is Rico, I'm six years old, me and Wilma are cousins. My mother works in the vineyards. The mountains are beautiful here. Wilma : 'We sit here on this saddle that is broken. We step on the ground with out feet then the bicycle goes. When we go uphill we push it, and when we go downhill we ride on it. We haven't been using it for a long time.' Rico : 'This bicycle I got on our roof.' Rico : 'Uncle Vellie has a bicycle.' Wilma : 'We go to school by bus.'

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