Zimisele Magwevana ( Somerset East Development Cycling Club / www.bruintjies.co.za )

Grace st., Aeroville, Somerset East, Eastern Cape, South Africa

2010 / 12 / 17 14:12

‘My name is Zimisele Magwevana. I’m from Queenstown but now I live in Somerset. I started cycling in 2007, in June. Mr. Ellis is our coach. He’s from King William's Town. I started cycling because it interested me - it wasn’t really my talent but it was something that could keep me out of trouble. If someone cycles it keeps them away from bad things, and mixing with bad friends and all of those things. You don’t use drugs and it keeps your body in good condition. And all you have to do to ride is to exercise regularly, but you mustn't overtrain. But if there is a race that is 50 kilometers you must do practice rides of between 60 to 80 kilometers - you can’t just ride 50 kilometers, you have to ride further than 50 kilometers! Mr. Ellis asked us to practice hard because he wants us to always win. We rode a race earlier this year, now in 2010, and the Caltex team did well - we all came 1st. and 2nd. and 3rd, all the way up to 10th. place. There was no outsider. We did well and I came 1st. again.’

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Stan Engelbrecht